Enable the execution of business planning with our Plankor product suite.

Plankor was conceived to satisfy the new demands of the EPM market: lower TCO, leveraging of existing investments, access anything from anywhere, and most important, flexible solutions where the business process is the one that drives the implementation and not the reverse.

Axis’ Plankor suite was designed from the ground up to interoperate with other BI and OLAP technologies. We support OLAP drivers for Native Plankor Cubes, MS Analysis Services, and Oracle Hyperion Essbase. This makes our technology vendor-agnostic, making it possible to integrate Plankor into existing BI solutions.

Unleash the potential of your planning function. With Plankor’s Suite, the entire organization’s business planning complexity can be standardized and managed from a common interface. The budget and forecasting processes can be delivered in less time and follow a customized workflow. Financial and operational plans can be linked through a common platform with the strategic goals and objectives. The organization will be able to use one set of numbers to run the business and to measure, monitor, and control enterprise performance.

Axis’ Plankor suite consists of the following products:


Complete solution with top-down or bottom-up planning, real-time on screen allocation, flexible process control.


The rich API offers a .NET interface to build custom solutions and satisfy the most demanding and specific business requirements.


Connects to Plankor, MS Analysis Services or Essbase cubes and performs data retrieval, data write-back and real-time, on-screen calculations.